Guide Season is Rolling On

The fishing in western Montana has been excellent the past week, with lots of fish getting stupid in the high flows of the Clark Fork, happy chubby chernobyl eaters in the canyons of the Blackfoot, and big Bitterroot browns all finding their way to the net. With fishing options aplenty, the guide season is cranking along like a kid on his fifth chocolate chip cookie. Will the water last us the season? The weather predictors say no, but I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear them. The Clackacraft likes being able to clear rocks, but when it gets iffy I’ve got a brand spanking new Sotar to play around with. Took it out for the evening with the kiddos to get things dialed in, and it rows real nice like. Nice enough that the kids took over for a while. Get out there and fish if you can, because the conditions are near perfect right now. Lots of bugs, fish all over, and water enough to let the newbie row.

We might not know where we’re going, but we’ll get there eventually.



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