Don’t Go There

When you guide six days on and one day off, what do you do with one day off? Go row your boat again. We took a chance on water we knew would be iffy at best and the iffy won the day. Fish splashed at our dries. Fish batted our flies. Fish mouthed ’em and missed ’em. We even caught a few. But the key word was few. And did I mention the moss? There’s a bit of it. After the restoration the confluence section of the Clark Fork quickly became a great place to find some cutties in the deep stuff and browns and rainbows everywhere else. I’m sure they are still there, but right now they must be enjoying their plush green surroundings more than they want to eat. Oh well, it’s just fishing and I’m back on the clock to do more of the same for the foreseeable future. We’ll check in on the upper Clark Fork in a month or two. Maybe three.

The upper Clark Fork got a new shag carpet over the past few weeks. Not sure I am in love with the color yet.

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