Tuesday Tutorial: Efficiency At The Vise

If you’re new to fly tying or have been doing it for years, you know half your time at the vise is preparation. Measuring materials, searching for that ultra wire you tossed somewhere, finding the right feather… It all can be a major pain in the ass. What do guides pressed for time do to make their time at the vise more efficient? Assembly line. We’ve all got our little tricks to make a pattern hop out of the vise faster, but developing a routine that makes getting the hot pattern back in the box after yesterday’s clients left a dozen behind on the river is what separates the frenzied tier from the happy one. Bob Reece has bee developing some killer patterns lately, and if you haven’t checked them out get your butt to the Orvis site and order some up. You won’t be sorry. But as a production tier, he has some great tips that can help you at the vise to get guidey and get those flies going fast. Check it out.


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