Some Like It Hot

4th of July weekend is still rocking in Missoula, with boats filled with smiling people and fish eating among the crowds. The heat has been on this week, and while some might like it hot, us anglers were happy to see the cloud cover on Saturday and a cool down on the way. River is getting warm, and its due for a break. But no rest for the wicked, and we’re back on the rivers and searching for native trout through until next week’s day off. Can’t complain, fishing has been good enough to keep the net wet most days. A snappy cast and the right drift is working, just like it should.

A healthy Blackfoot river cutty heads back to the depths.

Have a safe holiday, and if you’re on the rivers try to remember it belongs to us all. Pack it on the river, pack it off with you. Give each other space and a wave and a smile go a long way because chances are you’ll see that boat again downstream. We’re all enjoying the places we love, so lets do it with respect. We’ll all be better for it, and there are enough fish for us all.


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