Tuesday Tutorial: Pink Pookie Hopper

Is it too early for hoppers? Nope. Definitely not too early to be tying them, and maybe not even too early to be tossing them. When t comes to hoppers there are too many patterns to count, and the majority get too many bells and all the wrong whistles but still manage to pull fish. But those big fancy hoppers are not the kind of thing you want to leave in the bushes. Yet that is exactly where we want to cast a big hopper – tight to banks, structure and overhanging vegetation. You gotta put it there, and you gotta be willing to lose a few. So when it comes to guidey hopper patterns, there is one fly I don’t hit the water without come August. It ties easy so I toss out a handful the night before a trip and be set. It floats low in the water with a high visibility wing. It wiggles and works and has the segmentation fish love. Tie the pink pookie. Fish the pink pookie. It works, and it might just work right now and all the way through August.


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