Weekend Warrior: Dry Fly Paradise

There is a new Pokemon game out, so I guess that’s where everyone has been instead of fishing this week. Too bad, because the fishing has been good! With a storm mid-week and cloud cover the past few days the fish are looking up and taking the dry fly. And the nymph. And the streamer. The weather we’re looking at for the weekend will continue to provide some amazing fishing around Missoula.

Where should you fish? Anywhere but the upper Clark Fork. The moss on the upper Clark is still sticking around, and though the fishing up there has been steady, picking moss off your fly every other cast gets a little old. I’d skip it and head to somewhere else. Go to the Mo and fish tricos, it’s dry fly dirty time over there. Hit Rock Creek and pin some little guys on anything you throw at them. Head to the Blackfoot and watch cutties rise to big wiggly stuff. Go to the lower Clark and get it done with the PMDs. Wherever you go, things are steady and the fishing is fairly consistent. We are hitting the time of year when relying on a big hatch isn’t always going to work. Salmonflies have tapered off for the most part, goldens haven’t really taken center stage, and the hoppers are getting fatter along the banks. So it takes some fly switches to get dialed in, and then the fish will respond. It has been a different fly every day of the week this week, so bring some options. Hit your fly shop and ask what they are tossing this weekend. In my boat, I’ll be tossing some stimulators, some PMD droppers, and some big wiggly attractors. But to each their own this time of year.
And remember, it’s high traffic season on the popular stretches of the rivers. Stay safe, give each other room, and please set up your boat and gear before you drop into the boat ramp.

Temps have dropped and steadied, and the fish are happy with it. Get out there and find them.

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