Tuesday Tutorial: Veevus Quill Body Jig

Jig nymphs have hit the guide scene in a big way this year, and I haven’t hit the water in at least a month without tying on a jig dropper of one sort or another. Why so many jig nymphs? Well, in my opinion they ride better in the water column and their thin bodies drop paired with a tungsten bead drop quickly to the depth I want my client’s fishing at. As an added bonus, and what I really think accounts for many of the fish we’re bringing in on this fly is that it “jigs” up and down when the top fly is moved well, or poorly. Sometimes the result is that it seems to work better with bad mends, bad drifts, and at the end of a drift when the client is lifting the fly for the next cast. I like that. Clients like that. Fish eat em. And my favorite version requires one special material that makes for a heck of a slick fly that just plain gets it done. Veevus Quill Body is a spooled translucent material that makes a great slim body and lets thread colors shine through with a little extra boost. Get yourself some, and get this bug in your box.


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