A Little Bit of Relief

Western Montana has had a heck of a week for fish lovers. The hot weather finally broke last week, and the steady shot of rain and cooler temps has brought the dry fly fishing back to “excellent”. It really didn’t have far to go, it was already at “great. But we’ll take it. A shot of cooler water helps the fish stay happy, and delays some of the bugs in only the goodest of ways. We’re a long way from wanting the rain to be done completely, but this week’s forecast looks a whole lot cooler than the 90s we were stuck in just a couple of weeks ago. Fishing is good, and there’s plenty of places to keep on throwing that dry fly.

This grainy photo is what happens when you try to take a photo at near dark on the river. But see them clouds a’comin? That means good stuff for our fisheries.



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