Putting the Heat On

Summer heat is back in Missoula, but the fishing is still going strong on that summertime swing. With a late start yesterday I worried that the mid-day heat might keep them down but the opposite proved true and the fish were happy to come to the surface to grab a bite. First time anglers and fishy water combined for some great fish and fun times, and the first fish of the day for Becky from Bavaria was a hefty cutthroat that came from deep in a hole up to grab a well-drifted dry fly. Good stuff from the Blackfoot, and the rest of the day we watched fish after fish willing to eat come up and take our flies. Fun day on the water, and back on the grind for the week with guide trips every day. Lets see what the day holds today, but even in the heat and with dropping waters we’re doing good out here in Western Montana.

First fish on a fly rod turned out well for Becky, who put the heat on
this hefty Blackfoot river cutthroat and got him to the net in the sun.

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