Video Break: Uprivers

When mining and rivers combine, things don’t always go well. Strike that: things never go well. As anglers, we need to take a hard look at the policies and practices we allow to go on and how they are effecting our rivers and our lives. For two communities in Alaska and British Columbia, the time for action is now.

These rivers need advocates.
 Filmmaker Matthew Jackson is working on a full-length film that examines just what effects mining is having on some of our last best fisheries. From his GoFundme page: “Uprivers is a film that shares the stories of two communities being impacted by rampant industrial mining in British Columbia. By helping us complete the film you are supporting communities in British Columbia recover from mining disasters, and protecting communities in Alaska from future degradation. A warming planet means that salmon runs are starting earlier  than expected and we’re rushing to get our camera teams ready to capture the subsistence salmon seasons on camera in Alaska and British Columbia.”

Check out the trailer, and learn more at the Uprivers: A Transboundary Film Facebook page.

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