Weekend Warrior: Blast It At The Buzzer

Hoot Owl might have you up early and exhausted by dinner time, but its well worth the effort to get in there early and fish it hard up to the buzzer. The fish have been adjusting to this heat all summer long, and some days it seems like the fishing is just getting better and better as the 2 p.m. cutoff approaches. If you know where to fish them, you’ll find them. If not, it can be a long day. Think like a trout, weekend warriors. What would you do if the temps were high? Yep, deep stuff is the answer. But then so is some of the skinny, so don’t get too focused on just the buckets because any run with a good tempo has been a strong candidate for a few passes with the right setup.

This beautiful spotted up cutthroat ate after one big trout broke off and five whitefish stayed on from the same hole. Persistence in the buckets of the Blackfoot pays off.

And what is the right setup these days? Hoppers are good. Spruce moths are still getting chomped. Nocturnal stones are still there, and in some spots they are making the deep dropper the ticket in the early mornings. How early? Well, I picked up my guests at 5 am yesterday. Was it worth it? Sure, seeing the sun come up over the Blackfoot is never a bad thing. But that might be a little early for your tastes, so adjust your fishing accordingly and find that cold stuff if you want to find fish. Take care to get those fish back in the drink fast and play them quickly as well. We are seeing a lot of sluggish fish these days, and the Hoot Owl hours are there for a reason.

The predicted cloud cover can only help this weekend, so get out there and make it happen, and keep an alarm on your phone so you don’t blow through that cutoff!

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