Trico Time

The tricos are about on our rivers these days, and if you like small stuff on long leaders now is your time to shine. What is a trico? Well, in short they are one of the smaller mayfly species that we fish here in Montana, and they are known for big hatches and trout-tempting spinner falls. You can learn all about them by reading my Know your Bug: Tricos post from a few seasons ago, where I go into great detail about these miniature guys. Tricos start on some of the tailwaters (think Missouri River) in July, and persist through to the later dates of September on our rivers. While we don’t get the kind of blanket hatches you might see on the Mo, the bugs still move a lot of big fish and it really is your best chance to join the 20/20 club. (A 20 inch fish on a size 20 fly. Good stuff.)

Spinner falls are predictable and open the best window for finding willing trout ready to eat.
Photo via
There are, of course, other bugs worth fishing right now including the hopper, the nocturnal stone, and the spruce moth. All are working, and we’ll be adding that October caddis to the mix soon too if things keep going the way they are. Some sections of the Blackfoot are covered in the casings and getting bigger by the day. But for now, learn that trico game and be ready if you see some feeding fish on the lower Clark Fork that won’t take a hopper no matter how hard you try.

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