Tuesday Tutorial: Brooks’ Sprout Midge

Trico time might not be full on here in Missoula, but it is never to early to get started on filling the boxes. Especially when it comes to little flies you’ll be throwing on slim tippets- get a bunch because you’ll lose a bunch. One of my gripes with most trico patterns is the difficulty that comes with seeing them on the water. Take a client in a boat that sees a bunch of rising fish and just has to give it a shot- the average trico fly makes these already frustrating fish even more frustrating to hook. Trico fishing is one of those very difficult trout situations that take a lot of practice to have success at- and the right setup. I’ll talk in the coming days about things like approach, leader setup and casting, but for now the first step to hooking a fish that is focused on the tricos lets arm ourselves with some good flies. The Brooks Sprout Midge Emerger is a great fly. It works for midges, it works for small mayflies, and when I fish it for tricos, I like to tie the parachute in grey or grizzly, rather than flat black. A little more like the spinners, and a lot more like I can see the damn thing. Mostly the foam parachute post helps with that, and keeps the profile low. Get your vise out for one last hurrah on the small stuff before you’re season is done and you’ll find some fish willing to take this beauty from Tightlines Productions.


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