Back to the Hills

After a weeklong stay down East Maine, I’m back in Missoula with guide trips lined up before I shake the jet lag. We had a great visit with friends and family we see only every half a decade or so, and a stop at L.L.Bean on the way out of town to top it off. Fun stuff. Did we catch fish? Yes, though not in the manner we’re used to and with much talk of tides, baitfish, birds, and other stuff coastal residents know about that we mountain people couldn’t care less about. And of course the best information came from a twelve year-old local kid. The locals helped us out, and we found some fish that would take a fly, and more that would take a lure.

Jayme with a striper she caught right off the rocks in front of the beach house. Just like the local kids said to do.

We had a great trip, and like all good trips we’ll be thinking about it for a long time after – especially when the winter inversion hits Missoula and we’re freezing in the grey clouds. For now, we’ve got to get back to the grind, and get ready for the fall. And somehow we’ve got to figure out a way to get back there next year… We left a lot of stripers without hooks in their mouths.


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