Just Beyond the Horizon

As Montana’s kids head back to school this week, we can’t deny that summer is coming to a close and fall is just beyond the horizon. What a great summer of fishing we had in Western Montana, with fishing staying strong even through high temps, low flows, and hoot owl restrictions. But man, are we ready for that fall cool down. The october caddis pupa are growing big on the upper Blackfoot, the hecuba mayflies are getting ready to pop, and a little cold weather this week made the fishing turn on for those hopper tossers – all good signs for a great fall. If you’re one of the many anglers that delays your trip to Montana until the fall when the river crowds thin out and the fish toss on that last feedbag before the winter I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Fishing is good and we hope it gets gooder. It’s just over the hills, this fall weather, and when it hits we’ll be trading shorts for fleece and loving every minute of it.

Native cutthroat will soon be putting on their fall colors, and we can’t wait.

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