Weekend Warrior: The Last Hurrah

By Monday, all of the Missoula area schools will be back in session, and nothing marks the end of summer like yellow busses picking up kids in their brand new school clothes. We’re all hard-wired for the school year in America, whether we like it or not, and the beginning of a school year means a change on the rivers. Less crowds. All of a sudden, mid-week floats are times when you have the river to yourself. Not bad. You’d think this weekend would be a busy one on the rivers as well, what with college kids back for the year and locals seeing the end of their season in sight, but traditionally the weekend before school starts has been pretty crowd free. It’s been a long summer, and hoppers and tricos aren’t the easiest fishing. People start to trail off until the weather really turns cooler. So this weekend is a great time to get out and get some fish in the net.

Browns are beginning to move, and it only gets better from here.
Getting ready to short-leash nymphs and rip big streamers? Give it a shot now!
All of the rivers are low, we know that. But the cooler weather is helping keep fish happy, and you should be able to find willing fish with tricos, hoppers, baetis and other small stuff. The streamer guys are getting happier every day, and the fish are starting to chase a streamer a bit more willingly, we hear. Get out and give it a shot- I’ve got to cut this short to load the boat!

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