Tuesday Tutorial: Amy’s Ant

This fly has a lot of bells and whistles, and usually when I’m tying guide flies I tend to avoid “overly dressed” flies. But in this case, every part helps this fly be one of my most effective fall terrestrial patterns from the boat. I like it on the small side for a foam fly, size 12 or 14. It has zero resemblance to the usual black and red patterns that most ants rely on. It has no resemblance to a hopper or beetle. But it also has very little resemblance to a chubby chernobyl or any other popular hopper pattern that hits the water all season long, and for that reason it really turns fish when the fall is here and the fish have seen it all. Yes, tying them is a bit tricky at first and proportions are your main concern when it comes to consistently producing the Amy’s Ant. But man, is it worth the effort. Give the Amy’s Ant a try, and tie it in some smaller sizes. It will hold up a small dropper, and it will find fish when the hatches are all but gone.


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