Shifting Economy: Fishing’s Place in Montana’s Money

With the advent of the Yellowstone River Fish Kill this summer, one of the issues that has been brought to the forefront is the economic effects. Governor Steve Bullock declared a state of emergency, which makes available $15.4 million in emergency funds for unemployment and other labor programs. But how does that effect the independent guides and outfitters whose season ground to an abrupt halt with the sickness of the river? Unemployment insurance is not available for guides that work as independent contractors – which are the large majority of the working guides in the Yellowstone region. Some excellent articles are around that highlight fly fishing and outdoor recreation’s place in the Montana economy. It’s Wednesday, so you might as well make some time to read ’em.
First up is Gabriel Furshong’s piece in the Earth Island News on the Milltown State Park and Montana’s new economy, and it is a great read. Furshong is a local Missoula writer and conservationist and his visit with Mike Kustudia, at Milltown State Park is an interesting look at the cleanup project and it’s significance in Montana’s economic shift.
the second online read that I’d recommend today comes from the Montana Wildlife Federation, and its a quick hit with some great links discussing the role that the climate is playing in our industry. Click the links, give them a read and see what you think.

Mike Kustudia, Milltown State Park Manager, featured in Earth Island News discussing
Montana’s economic shift from extraction to recreation.

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