Throwback Thursday: Greenbacks in the Sun

Greenbacks are what them Colorado folk call their cutthroat, and though we don’t have that particular strain here in Montana, the hybrid cuttbows often gleam like emeralds. Summer is coming to a close, and the cool weather is on it’s way. The sporting goods stores have the hunting displays up, and the skis will be dusted off before you know it. But for now, we’re still throwing it back to June, when the rivers were running strong and the Blackfoot was green and gold and giving up pretty trout to an ugly dry fly. Fall fishing is tough. We love it, but at some point during the day when you’re tying on a tiny mayfly to 6x to try to fool a sipping trout, you’re going to miss that big chubby bite of the early summer. Here’s a throwback Thursday to the easy fish, and to the tough ones that are worth every cast.

August is in the books and September has begun. Fall weather is on it’s way, and the shorts and wet wading will be giving way to waders and puffy jackets. Jayme Erickson with a small stream rainbow in June.

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