Weekend Warrior: Mahoganies on the Horizon

Cooler weather is supposed to sweep in this weekend, and with it might bring mahoganies and hecubas if we’re lucky. It might still be early but on some sections of the Bitterroot and Blackfoot we just might see the fall mayflies beginning to pop. Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes, yes it would. Tricos are still the name of the game in the mornings, and having the right fly and the right drift can make a fun morning before the hatch subsides. What is the right trico fly? I say its one you can see. Like a Tucker’s Twiggy, those are good. What is the right drift? Dead. Six feet long. No movement. Light presentation. All of the above will translate into caught fish this weekend when the trico sippers are dialed in. After the hatch its time to move those hoppers, and nothing makes a big brown move more than a twitched hopper. Drift, twitch, drift, twitch. Kinda like the strip, strip, pause you’ll use with those big streamers. Get that twitch going. Fish the ant. Fish the beetle. Fish the fly the others aren’t, and never go anywhere in the fall in Montana without some worms and rubberlegs. Why? Because they just plain work and we all hate that they do. This weekend is looking like the advent of my favorite time of year to fish, so lets hope everything goes according to plan and the weather cooperates. All of our rivers are fishing stronger with these colder nights, and the time for the small fall dry fly stuff is now. Streamers? Sure, they will work too. It isn’t quite time for that to be our main focus, but the junkies are going to get their fix and their fish this weekend. Nymphing? This time of year? A desperation move, or a go to for some, but my weapon of choice is going to be the dry in the mornings and the dry/dropper in the afternoons. Mayfly profile nymphs, and caddis as the evening nears. Get out there and get some of the best fishing without the crowds this weekend.

The Clark Fork right through town doesn’t suck.
Photo via tripadvisor.com



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