Mayflies. Gotta Love ’em.

We had a chance to take my father out for a day on the Blackfoot, and he found some great fish willing to take the dry fly – as long as it was a mayfly pattern. Lots of good fun in the chilly weather and the clouds made for a strong trico hatch. Fish were looking up in the early afternoon and munching dries in the slicks and after riffles, where those mayfly hunters should be. Labor Day weekend gives you an extra day to fish, so you might as well take advantage of it. Fall weather has moved in, and the fish are responding to the change. The “small for fall” program has begun, and its time to lengthen that leader and get the small stuff drifting just where you want it. Having some skill in the back of the boat sure helps if you want to see fish!

This nice brown ate a purple haze in the very end of a long run on the Blackfoot.
Good fishing to be had for those with some patience and a great drift!



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