I’d Rather be Cool Than Hot

Its my favorite time of the year, aside from that whole back to school thing. Fall is on, with cold weather blasting into Missoula over the weekend and bringing snow to the peaks, rain to the valleys and fish to the net. we had a great summer season on our local rivers, and the fall is looking promising as well. Tricos still hanging around, october caddis nymphs breaking free from their husks, and fish are eating slim mayflies, ants, techy hoppers and all the good stuff making for great fishing. For a dry fly nerd like myself, this is what I wait all year for. Streamer fiends are about to get after it good as well, and if you’re a nymphing kind of angler you’re going to find some big, colorful fish ready to put a bend in your rod. Layers? Oh hell yes, I’m layering like a bohemian punk model in Milan during the grunge years. I know it isn’t the popular opinion, but I’d rather be cool than hot. Goodbye sweaty buffs, hello nano puffs and beanies. Bring on the fall, and I’m a happy camper. Cold mornings, and colder afternoons. I can get with that.

When you have the river to yourself, these things happen more often.
Double cutthroat on the Blackfoot, both happy to eat a mayfly with a great drift.

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