True American Badass

I got my start guiding by spending five summers running shuttles up and down the Blackfoot corridor, and everywhere else with a Missoula legend, Mr. Tommy Boyle, who runs Four Rivers Shuttle Company. With a rotating cast of characters, some of whom I call my best friends others who might be in a ditch this very moment, we got shit done and made the behind the scenes guide game work. It was a great way to be close to the river, talk fishing and learn every stretch of the floats that get hit in Western Montana. And there is truly one crazy genius behind it all. Joe Cummings is the owner and outfitter of Classic Journey Outfitters, and while he’s always been a crack angler and guide in recent years his media presence has been outstanding. All credit to Joe for this great little profile about the man himself, Tommy Boyle, on the CJO blog that is worth a read, that paints a good picture of what it really looks like to keep fifty or sixty people’s float plans in your head each day while coordinating a bunch of crusty drivers, which Tea Boil does on a daily basis. Cheers to a true American Badass, and the glue that holds together a crucial but often forgotten part of the fly fishing scene.

Legend. Photo and story credit to Joe Cummings, Classic Journey Outfitters.



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