The High Lonesome

For the past few days I’ve gotten into some great fishing with clients, and for the most part have been doing it in plain sight while other boats miss the sneaky spots in the same run. Fun stuff. Lucky for me to have some good anglers along to get the fly right where it needs to be, and we’ve found some nice fish waiting to eat. The best part is when I hear from other guides, they’re having a hell of a good time too, finding fish that are finally coming into fall mode and bending lots of rods. The weather is starting to turn colder, but it is anything but steady. A little sun, some wind, and then some chilly cold all make it feel like fall in a hurry and the fish are responding.  Finding the high lonesome water is a whole lot easier these days, with river traffic low and the diehards getting giddy while the summer crowd can’t get away from the new crop of college girls at the bars long enough to find the river. Or maybe I’m just happy because the Patriots won, which means all is right with the world for one more week. The locals that get to fish mid week are going to have a hard time hiding their smiles when they return to work this week. Get out and get some of the best fishing of the year.

Tricos still hanging around for a great spinner fall in some spots. Small for fall is definitely on.

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