Tuesday Tutorial: Matt’s October Caddis

I’ve been kicking rocks and playing with bugs all season long, and from about late July onward I’ve been really anticipating the emergence of the october caddis on the Blackfoot. This season in the slow inside bends I’ve found such abundance of the cases that I’ve been near giddy thinking of some of the fall dry fly fishing I’d get into later on. Well, that time is now if you’re fishing the right water. Small streams like Fish Creek and Rock Creek are great places to find a healthy hatch of these big daddies, and knowing a bit about their emergence will help get you into fish, as well as having a big meaty dry like Matt’s October Caddis to toss at them when the time is right. I’ll be posting a new “Know Your Bug” on the big fall caddis in the coming days, which should help answer some of the more common questions when it comes to how and when to fish this big morsel, but for now get into this tying tutorial and arm yourself with a healthy dry fly. Right now, a pupa pattern in the right water can be a really fun option, but if you’re without a big orange caddis this time of year, you might miss out on some of the most exciting slasher eats of the season. Give this one a shot!


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