Its All About That Drift

From the top of the Blackfoot to the lower Clark Fork it is all about that solid drift this time of year, and anglers that are finding the fish are doing it with a short, solid cast and a six foot drift in the perfect pockets. Fish are seeing more and more October Caddis, and the afternoon mayfly hatches are keeping them looking up to eat until dark. Its almost full time wader time out there, even if you’re in the boat, and if you’re wet wading still you are a braver man than I. Water temps are nice and cool, and the big fish are on the prowl. Streamer fiends, your time has come. For the dry fly guy, its timer that Brindle Chute and the big orange stimi, both with a nice skinny, straight leader. Nymphers on the short leash are in luck, because the fish are hanging in that middle depth column most of the day. Do you have to get out early? If you want to be the first boat, yes you should. Because things are still busy here on the rivers, with fishing this good. We’re into some solid fishing, and the fall colors are making it all the better out there. Make sure that drift is perfect, because this is “A Game” time, and you’ll only fool the big ones if you’re bringing the heat.

Bugs in the air on the Blackfoot, and fish rising to a dead drift is the name of the game.

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