Tuesday Tutorial: Last Chance Adams with Jim Misiura

Expert fly tyer Jim Misiura has a great youTube series of fly tying videos, and among them is a fly that your box should be heavy on for fall: the Last Chance Adams. Cripple patterns are my favorite way to fool trout that are keying in on hatching mayflies, and fall is the time for these patterns to reality shine. Not only do they fool wary trout, but they are and easy tie and can be tied on to stout, small hooks that won’t bend out as easily as some of the thin hooks that most mayfly patterns are tied on when a big fish gulps and runs. With cloudy days and cold nights, mayflies are the go to this fall, and this easy tied pattern by a true master of fly tying will get you into more fish right now. Get tying, then hit the water with a great fly ready to roll.


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