Tuesday Tutorial: Two-Minute Krystal Bugger

I know, I know, this video is longer than two minutes. But once you’ve twisted up a few of these great little streamers you’ll be able to bust them out in about two minutes – which will give you plenty of ammo for the big fall fish you’re looking for out there. The Krystal Bugger is a great fly for fall, when fish are looking for quick big meals and a little flashy thing swung in front of them is going to entice a bite. The wooly bugger is the most popular fly in the world, and it is often the first fly people learn to tie for good reason. But on top of that, it can be tied in a million and one variations with bells and whistles of simple and sparse. But among all the variations, a white krystal bugger is one of my favorite flies for fall, especially when only carrying one rod. If you’re headed to the river to fish to mayfly eating fish in the morning, big attractor flies in the afternoon, and then maybe swing a few runs to end out the day, this is the fly to bring along for that streamer portion. Great stuff, easy as it gets to tie, and worth your next two minutes for sure.


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