Throwback Thursday: Big Bugs in June

You don’t need to pick a certain time of year to have a beautiful day on the Blackfoot, but September is pretty nice. So is June, and for this weeks throwback Thursday we’re sending it way back to the first emergence of the salmonflies on the Blackfoot, and eight year-old Ayden’s first fish on a big orange bug that elicits big strikes. We’re enjoying a warmup this week that is making it feel a little like June and big fish are sending anglers into the backing again. Can’t complain, but the coming fall already has us panicking about the shortening season and what lies ahead for a long winter. Before the temperatures drop again let’s bask in the sunshine this week and pretend it’s still June out there. Here’s to sunny days and eager June fish, and a throwback Thursday that will keep me smiling when I’m in the old folk’s home.

Addie’s first dry fly fish was a gorgeous brown this season.



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