Throwback Thursday: Midsummer Munches

In the middle of the summer guide season, I’m not sure which I go through more of: floatant and chubby chernobyls or sunscreen and cooler ice. Either way, mid-July has us grinding and grinning when the fish are up and at ’em. We’re having a great wet period right now with cold temps and storms that are adding to the bumping rivers and leaving some white stuff in the hills. Fall weather comes up quick in the hills, and by Halloween the kids will be bundled up under their costumes and the fish will be down deep in the warmer water. Fine by us, we’re ready for a big snow year and more great fishing for next season. Guides are spread out from the steelhead runs to the hunting grounds, and some farther than that, and for the guys still on the grind the fishing is still working if you’re eager and willing to tough out the rain. You can do it! And if you can’t, just think about summer and raise a glass to a throwback Thursday to hot days and hot cutties coming up in the big, fast runs.

Sunny summer days and big attractors are what the summer is all about. We’re in the middle of a few weeks of rain right now, which is just what we need to make the rivers happy for next summer.



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