Tuesday Tutorial: Bird of Prey Caddis


While the Blackfoot might be empty right now with cold flows and lots of rain, it could be one of those risky bets that pay off big if you hit it right. But no matter if you’re headed there today or just pulling out the vise for the beginning of the long tying season, a caddis dropper is always a good bet in your rig up there and all over western Montana. The Bird of Prey caddis is a great one, combining my favorite material, peacock herl, with buggy soft hackle and a heavy bead to get that rig down deep. I love this bug during the October caddis lead-up, and use it in smaller sizes and varying colors during the season quite often. It’s definitely worth having a few in your box, and as always a tight lines tutorial will have you spinning them up in no time.



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