Pardon our Mess

Hey! Thanks for checking out the new site. It used to be just me over on That site will be up for a bit more before it redirects here, but for now we’re getting this place going. Should we wait on making it public? Probably. But what do we care? It’s a work in progress, this Montana River Dirtbags thing. Obviously, things are a little messy, a lot glitchy, and a whole bit of weird while we move things around and get dialed in. We’re working on it. And based on the time available and the basic skill level, that could take a while. But keep checking back for new content, and click around a bit to see some of the stuff that’s been relatively hidden on the old site. There are some good articles and a lot more coming. So take a look, and drop us a line with any suggestions or help you can. We appreciate it, and this website thing should help pass the time until the next guide season. We’re building a lot of cool stuff into it…slowly. River maps, flow charts, web store, and a lot more content we have been sitting on while we thought this thing out. We’ll keep you posted.

We’re back. Kinda. Bear with us, and you’ll like what you see in the net soon enough.



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