The Day the Yellowstone River Died

Dead whitefish pile up in the shores of the Yellowstone last season. Photo credit: William Campbell, Getty Images

Callan Wink is one of Montana’s best young writers, and a great guide as well. I had the pleasure of picking his brain over a few beers in 2014, and I’ve been a fan ever since. His latest story for Men’s Journal chronicles the Yellowstone fish kill of the 2016 season from the guide’s perspective, and he does a bang up job. The Yellowstone river fish kill, which resulted in thousands of dead native whitefish due to a parasite that thrives in high temps and low water, faded from the public eye fast, but it should remain in the forefront for all anglers. Read the story and give it a think, if you’re concerned with the future of Montana’s rivers and the livelihoods of guides across the state. With the parasite responsible found in more rivers across the state, it could be your favorite river next. Read the story in Men’s Journal here.



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