East Rosebud Creek- Wild and Scenic?

It’s been 40 years since Montana last designated one of our beautiful waterways officially “Wild and Scenic.” Way back in 1976, Montana’s legislature came together to designate the upper Flathead and the Missouri rivers as Wild and Scenic, for their “outstanding remarkable values”.Now, a bipartisan bill put forth by Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines together with Representative
Ryan Zinke seeks to add East Rosebud Creek, which flows from the northern face of the Beartooth mountain range west of Red Lodge into the upper Missouri.

East Rosebud Creek, flowing from the heart of the Beartooth Mountains, may be Montana’s first river in 40 years to be designated “Wild and Scenic”. Photo via Americanrivers.org

This move would strengthen the river’s resistance to hydroelectric dams (of which there have already been two proposals shot down) and mining developments. If the bill passes, this will be a definite win for those who want to see cold, clean water and protected waterways in Montana thrive. Read more about it in Rob Chaney’s article in The Helena Independent, and read more about East Rosebud Creek and the efforts to protect it at Americanrivers.org.


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