Keep the Rodents Out of Your Gear

The NRS site has a great article on how to winterize your gear and be prepared for rodent invasions. After you’ve taken the time to prep your gear for storage correctly, don’t forget to consider the presence of rodents. Mice are everywhere. Think your boat and waders are safe? Think again. Mice love them some warmth, and the toes of improperly stored waders can be pretty choice. Or the inside of your boat’s tubes, thems are good too. While cleaning the garage this year in preparation for the great gear migration, I found plenty of evidence of mice around my gear, and more than a few spots that could use a trap or two. Get it right, because when those skwala days appear in March the last thing you want to be doing is an unscheduled boat repair from a mouse house. Click on over to NRS and get the info.


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