Weekend Warrior: Pack The Turkey Sandwiches


Down in the Bitterroot, water levels are high and the temps are dropping. The dry fly bite is a goner, but the nymphing can still get it done – as long as you’re getting it down. We’re back to the winter techniques here in Missoula, and now is the time to work those spots with a few dozen extra drifts because the fish aren’t going to make it easy. Get that food in front of their faces, and make them eat. Streamers and swingers should get some looks, and if things aren’t working its time to change up the size, change the color, and slow down that retrieve. Dead drifting a Slump Buster or Wooly Bugger into a plunge pool can get it done. Drag a worm, rubberlegs, egg pattern or something irresistible through those holes, and double rigs are the only thing I’ll be rocking all weekend. Hows about keeping warm? Probably a good idea to wait until the rivers are nice and sunny and pack yourself a thermos of coffee and a couple of those turkey sandwiches for when it’s slow. Which is basically all the time this time of year. But man, is it nice out there if you’re layered up right. Don’t give up hope! Winter fishing is the time when the rivers are left to the die-hards, and the fish aren’t going anywhere soon.


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