Deflating Gassy Cows

We’re in cow country out here in Montana, and while I love me a good steak and know that ranching is the lifeblood of much of Montana’s economy, there is one issue with cattle that we’re all less inclined to talk about. Cow farts and burps. Yep, not exactly the sexiest environmental issue, but it sure is one. Cattle contribute seven billion metric tons of carbon dioxide a year in their killer farts. That’s a lot, and it contributes to greenhouse gasses in a big way. Well, scientists at Australia’s James Cook University are finding that some 20 species of seaweed can help reduce cattle’s CO2 emissions. In fact, in amounts as little as 2 percent of their feed the scientists see great results. Of course, it isn’t as simple as all that: we’d need some serious seaweed farms to supply enough seaweed to add to all cattle feed. But it’s a hopeful development, and its worth looking into more. Lets get with it and feed them cows some seaweed. Read more in the National Geographic.


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