Welcome To The Freeze Up

Got out for a few hours this weekend after taking a look at the forecast for the week and seeing cold, cold weather on the way. Might be the last line wetting for a few weeks as the temps drop and the shelf ice begins to develop. Fun stuff and lots of willing fish in the very edges and drop-offs to slow water. Worms? They’ll eat em. Some takes on prince nymphs, eggs, and rubberlegs as well. But if you didn’t get out this weekend you might be in for a bit of a wait. Nymphing is still the hot ticket if you want to freeze your toes for a bit, but whenever the ice is just developing it isn’t a lot of fun tossing a rig into the flows where every third cast lands on a passing mini iceberg.flatliners

Better time to tie these days, and there’s a lot of that going on. Why not come on out to the Grizzly Hackle this Thursday night and see what’s spinning on some folk’s vises? With my guide boxes almost complete already, I’ve been turning toward fun patterns that I might just like for my own fishing. A few big streamers, some small stuff, and anything in between. With the time to explore and create rather than grind out the same patterns for the guide boxes, tying has been a blast lately. Instead of a couple dozen nymphs yesterday morning before the kids got up I tied a couple of Kelly Galloup’s new pattern “The Flatliner.” A unique horizontal profile made these a blast to whip up, and I’m looking forward to fishing them in the spring. We’ll see what pattern catches my eye next, but for now I’m loving the downshift from “guide speed” to recreational fly tying.


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