Weekend Warrior: Tie Some Flies

Hoping to do a little fishing this weekend in western Montana? Might want to tie some flies instead. A blast of the kind of arctic cold that could freeze a polar bears nuts off is on it’s way, and after a nice week of snow and cold, these rivers are going to be mostly locked up for the time being. Holes that were open last weekend will surely be smaller, if not iced over completely, and the fish are going to be down deep in those warm holes where even ticking bottom and putting it right in their face might not move them an inch. With the weather coming this way, the best idea is to grab some new materials at your local fly shop and get to spinning up some bugs. If you do head to the river, be extra sure you’ve got a good exit plan because newly formed ice shelves and well below temperatures are a good way to get yourself killed if you’re not planning ahead. Wade safely, don’t head too far from the truck, and keep a pair of warm and dry clothes and an emergency blanket in the cab. Bring a thermos of something hot and delicious, and look for slow moving, deep pools that might still have some open water to cast to. This is the kind of weather that ices your guides instantly. WD-40 or Pam will clear that up, if you don’t mind a greasy fly rod. What I’m saying is sometimes things are worth the extra effort. The trout this weekend might not be. But hey, there are plenty of bugs to be tied!


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