Sure, Conservation… That’s It…


President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s idiot sons are busy with their newly formed conservation charity, and you too can throw your money at Trump by joining their Opening Day nonprofit. The Opening Day Foundation is selling access to the president elect on inauguration day for a cool $1 million a pop, which also gains you the title of “Bald Eagle” donor. Bad ass, right? I can only afford to be a “Rainbow Trout” donor, (sad trombones) for $50,000 but that gets you access to the VIP lounge where shit is going down for conservation bigtime I’m sure. Toby Keith will be there, so I guess that’s pretty chill. I’m sure, like Trump’s veterans charities and his own Trump foundation all of the money will find it’s way toward the as of yet unnamed “conservation” charities, and not somehow enrich the Trump family. Here’s the redacted invite, in case yours got lost in the mail. Is it worse to bilk idiots donors in the name of Veterans, or in the name of Conservation?


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