Tuesday Tutorial: Krystal Bugger

Who doesn’t love woolly buggers? If you consider all the variations of this fly, it has to account for more fish caught than any other. It works on all species, and is such a simple tie that beginners can get started catching fish on their own flies fast. The classic olive, black, and traditional colors all work well. But my favorite for swinging and stripping is white, and none better than a krystal bugger. I like white streamers because you can see them in the water, and then see the fish chase them. Lovely. A big white fly will move a lot of fish, but I’ve found the smaller krystal bugger will catch a lot of fish big and small. Why will trout eat a smaller white fly? Well, it catches the eye, for one, fish bellies are white, and dead minnows are white too. Lots of theories, but you’ll have to interview a trout to get the real reason. But in order to talk to a trout, you’re going to want to tie some of these up for the box.


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