The Roots of Zinke’s Rise

My old friend Tristan Scott has an excellent article on the background of Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT) and his rise to the position of Interior Secretary as part of the coming Trump administration. While some groups in Montana are applauding the pick, other conservation groups have grave concerns regarding the choice, and as Zinke becomes a player on the national scene, his conservation views will soon guide the nation. “Today, his commitment to those conservation values is coming under deeper scrutiny than ever before as environmental groups respond to his selection with mixed reviews. Zinke’s appointment to hold sway over the nation’s federal lands and natural resources is hailed by many as a boon for conservation and public lands in Montana and nationwide, while others are unpacking the Congressman’s checkered voting history and support for aggressive energy-exploration policies as a portent for a polluter-friendly administration led by Trump, who has pledged to roll back regulations and unleash a torrent of fossil-fuel energy production, Scott writes. Mandatory reading for those concerned with conservation from a great journalist right here in western Montana. Photo and story via The Flathead Beacon.


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