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HR 621 Goes Down

chaffetzhr621HR 621, which would have allowed for the sale of 3.3 million acres of public land, will be rescinded today by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who introduced the bill to huge public outcry. Thanks to the people who protested, wrote letters, emails, and even instagram comments that helped change his mind for the better. The fight continues to protect public lands, but we’ve succeeded in putting the officials on notice: we won’t be silent when our right to public lands are threatened. Keep up the pressure on HR 622, and let your voice be heard.


Public Lands Need Our Protection

By now, we hope you’ve heard of the “Public Lands Are Worthless” designation that the U.S. Congress has enacted. Building on that pile of dogshit comes H.R. 621 put forth by Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz (of Hillary Clinton E-mail investigation fame.) H.R. 621 seeks to sell off 3.3 million acres across 10 states in the West. Read more about it at Wilderness.Org, and see what the Trump Administration has emboldened in congress, despite the interests of 72 percent of voters in the west that oppose just such a scheme.